Reut USA supports and promotes research and programs designed to ensure prosperity and resilience for Israel and the Jewish People, and to tackle some of the toughest challenges facing them, while making a significant and distinct contribution to humanity.

Reut USA works in partnership with the Reut Group, Israel’s leading social impact organization specializing in societal innovation. Reut creates and scales innovative models by combining research and strategy, design and technology, field work and the work of ‘adaptive leadership’. Reut specializes in identifying Israel’s ‘blind spots’ and researching them; in creating new visions for enhancing prosperity and security; in developing strategies for effectuating these visions; in piloting these strategies; in creating scalable models; and then in scaling these models to create significant long term impact.

Our TOM: Tikkun Olam Makers project, based on the Jewish value of “Tikkun Olam,” which means repairing the world, is another groundbreaking innovative venture of Reut, designed to create and disseminate extremely affordable solutions for neglected needs of people with disabilities and the elderly across the world, with all innovations created through the platform available at no cost all over the world. Core to TOM’s mission is helping to build the good standing of Israel around the world among non-Jewish communities, countering the BDS movement and showcasing in real terms Israel’s technological advances made available through a grassroots network, available to anyone of need anywhere in the world. TOM provides a volunteer engagement platform for many professionals, students and others, to use their skills to serve their communities and humanity.

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