Reut USA supports and promotes research and programs designed to ensure prosperity and resilience for Israel and the Jewish People, and to tackle some of the toughest challenges facing them, while making a significant and distinct contribution to humanity.

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The word “Reut” in Hebrew means Vision.

Reut is unique in its outlook and approach to driving societal change. We offer ‘adaptive leadership’ by identifying ‘fundamental gaps’, to offer compelling visions and the approaches to effectuate them. Once a vision is formulated, we provide a conceptual framework within which we can focus our work. We then pilot our ideas and model the successes so that they can be replicated in order to achieve systemic change.

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Reut’s programs are designed to make a significant and distinct contribution to humanity and to ensure prosperity and resilience for the Jewish People and Israel. Our projects combine research and strategy, design and technology, field work and ‘adaptive leadership’. We specialize in identifying Israel’s blind spots, researching them, creating new visions for enhancing prosperity and security, piloting them and creating scalable models. 

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TOM: Tikkun Olam Makers, based on the Jewish value of “Tikkun Olam,” which means repairing the world, is a groundbreaking innovative venture designed to create and disseminate extremely affordable solutions for neglected needs of people with disabilities and the elderly across the world. All the innovations created are through a platform available at no cost all over the world. TOM offers a global, systemic, community-based solution to societal failure that affect millions of people around the world.

Website: http://tomglobal.org


The Reut Group is committed to training and empowering strategic leaders who will go on to serve in Israel’s public sphere. We provide our staff with a comprehensive training program including formative personal and professional experiences, and we are proud of our alumni who have moved on to lead social change in key positions in Israel and the Jewish world.

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